“Go-Live” Checklist for Instructors

“Go-Live” Checklist for Instructors

The Go-Live Checklist will help to manage all of your required tasks as an instructor in order to be prepared for your involvement in your institution's digital programme.

1. Select course materials for the upcoming term.

  • Will you use courseware, eTextbooks, OER or print materials?
  • Obtain your complimentary desk copy.

2. If applicable, access your course materials via the LMS/VLE.

  • Prior to the course start, work with campus technology to customise digital materials to the online course environment.

3. Begin teaching course(s).

4. Implement best practices for teaching with digital materials.

5. Access Instructor Dashboards to monitor student engagement and identify at-risk students.

6. Review lessons learned and outcomes.

7. Identify improvements for the future.

For more information about implementing digital courseware in your courses, get in touch with your institution's Learning Management System / Virtual Learning Environment administrator.

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