Institutional (LMS/VLE) Administrator FAQs

Institutional (LMS/VLE) Administrator FAQs

Q: I received a "Duplicate nonce to one already received" error message and could not access my book. 

A: This error happens when a user clicks on the same link too many times, making immediate duplicate calls. Try again with a single click.

Q: I added the VitalSource link to my course but am receiving an “Invalid oauth consumer key error”.

A: The VitalSource tool may have been added as a link instead of an “external tool”. Delete the link added and re-add, ensuring that “external tool” is selected. If you are still experiencing issues, please ask your LMS/VLE Admin to verify that the Key/Secret is correct and does not have any leading or trailing white space.

Q: Do you have any handy guides to help me install the LTI Tool?

A: Why yes, we do! We have documentation for Moodle, Brightspace/D2L, Canvas and Blackboard.

Q: How can I find my key and secret?

A: The Integration Manager will provide the key and secret to the LMS/VLE administrator or campus technology. Teaching staff should not need access to this information. 

Q: What is a course book pairing file?

A: A course book pairing file matches the course materials to each course.

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