Combined Borrow and Copy Limits in Explore

Subscriptions may include both copy and borrowing limits. A copy limit determines the number of times a title can be accessed by all users of a subscription. A borrowing limit determines the number of titles an individual user can read from a subscription. Bookshelf® now provides an intuitive interface that allows users to clearly track their copy and borrowing limits.

Borrowing a Book 

Arrow pointing to book details page: When a user is interested in
borrowing a book, they will be able
to see if that book is available to
them and the number of copies
available. The loan period
indicates how long that user will
be able to borrow that book for.
Books in a subscription with copy
limits are always returnable. Arrow pointing to subscription information at bottom on page: A user is able to see how many
items they are allowed to borrow.

Information About Borrowed Books 

Image of arrow pointing to popup box with Borrowed Item information. The detailed view lists all of the
user's borrowed books, shows how long they have to read them and offers the ability to return them when done. Arrow pointing to the bottom of the screen: At the bottom of the screen
will be a running total of the user’s borrowed books. Clicking the blue button will open up a detailed list of all their borrowed books.

Two Types of Unavailable Content Notifications 

When content has reached its copy limit, the user will see an
unavailable message. The book will be available to borrow again as soon as another user returns it. When a user has reached their
borrow limit, they will see that each book they are currently not borrowing is unavailable. They have the option to return a book to
be able to borrow a new one.

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