VitalSource Rostering: Make the Most of Your Investment

Offering all students access to required learning materials on day one is about more than reducing costs for students. 

  • A simpler and better course materials experience for students and instructors
  • Access to powerful student engagement analytics for instructors and administrators
  • A reduced workload for campus technology

Making the most of your investment is easy. Simply provide VitalSource with your LMS/VLE roster and we’ll take care of the rest. By taking full advantage of your investment in day-one access, your institution will:

  • Decrease support inquiries from students and instructors around course materials access via the LMS/VLE
  • Ensure that 100% of students are licensed the correct learning materials before day one of courses
  • Guarantee the best online and offline experience using VitalSource’s industry-leading tools
  • Provide day-one access to students via every delivery method, including online, offline, and native apps on the first day of class

VitalSource is committed to providing students and instructors with the best possible teaching and learning experience while maintaining the highest standards in user data privacy. Today, we integrate with your campus student information system (SIS) to facilitate charging student accounts for course content, and we have completed all security verifications required to access student information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you need my LMS/VLE roster data?

A: At VitalSource, we are committed to helping your institution improve student outcomes while also reducing the cost of course materials. We do this by making it easier for students to learn on day one, and by offering instructors and administrators valuable insights into student engagement. To achieve these goals, we rely on LMS/VLE data to match students and instructors to their assigned course content. Providing your LMS/VLE data to VitalSource automates manual setup processes and offers valuable insights and functionality for your campus.

Q: What do you do with LMS/VLE data?

A: We use LMS/VLE data to grant students access to their required learning materials. We also use LMS/VLE data to power VitalSource Analytics, which gives instructors and administrators on your campus access to valuable student engagement data to identify and support at-risk students. We do not share student or instructor information with any third party, unless specifically requested by your institution.

Q: How does my institution provide the roster to VitalSource?

A: It’s easy! All you need to do is securely provide VitalSource a key/secret, to your campus LMS/VLE to access your course section and roster data. Once you’ve provided us the authorisation via that key/secret we do the rest. Contact your customer success manager to get started.

Q: When will VitalSource pull LMS/VLE roster data?

A: We use only the LMS/VLE data that is required to grant students and instructors access to their required learning materials. Once we know a course is using VitalSource technology, we will refresh the data at least daily during the term to ensure data is up to date across the breadth of VitalSource-powered products used at your institution.

Q: What about data for students not enrolled in courses using VitalSource-powered technology?

A: Any course not using a VitalSource-powered product or service will be ignored and purged after roster ingestion. Learn more about our commitment to privacy at

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