At VitalSource, we have a long-standing commitment to meet the needs of learners of all ability levels. For nearly two decades, we have worked to ensure our products are designed from the beginning with accessibility in mind.

An Active Part of the Accessibility Community

VitalSource works closely with key members of the disability and advocacy communities who are committed to accessibility. We work with organisations such as the W3C, DIAGRAM Center, Book Industry Study Group, the Center for Accessible Materials Innovation, and the EDUPUB Alliance
(EPUB for Education). We conduct user studies and a variety of research and usability studies on assistive technology use and on product prototypes. We collaborate with consultants and advocacy groups, such as the National Federation of the Blind, JISC, Tech for All, and others to grow the community and the capabilities of each part of the system working together. VitalSource goes beyond simply adhering to industry standards, as we are also actively involved in helping create those standards through participation and leadership with these partners.


Solving the needs of learners requires a great deal of collaboration and accountability. VitalSource demonstrates its Section 508 compliance by publishing the VPATs for its products. But our commitment goes beyond mere compliance. We are transparent about our capabilities because learners and partners need to know how we meet their needs.

In September 2019, we were awarded the DAISY Consortium Award for Accessibility in Publishing. In July 2020, we were ranked as one of the top publishing platforms by ASPIRE with an incredible score of 100%.

Need an Accessible eTextbook?

While we work with each of our publishing partners to provide accessible content that works with our platform, we recognise that this goal is not always possible to achieve. When an alternate format file is required, we will work with the publisher to understand what options are available and how to best provide the necessary accommodation in coordination with the appropriate departments at the institution. A request for a particular title to be enhanced for improved accessibility can be sent directly to the publisher contacts, or we can assist in the process by submitting this form.

Accessible Publishing 

Created in collaboration with the BISG Accessible Publishing Working Group, VitalSource is pleased to help with the publication of the BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing. This guide serves as the model for best practices in creating accessible digital content. This eBook offers a succinct introduction to the basics of accessibility, legal requirements, top tips, very practical advice on producing accessible content, and much more. You can obtain a free copy in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Korean by visiting our store.

Accessibility Support

We have a team of accessibility specialists to assist customers with questions or other needs. Customers in can visit our Technical Support site anytime at https://support. We respond to most inquiries within 24 hours. You can also email your accessibility issue to or visit

VitalSource Bookshelf Accessibility

Select the Bookshelf platform below for more information on how to use the platform, accessibility tips and issues, and accessibility documentation:


VitalSource is committed to providing rich, highly functional, long-term solutions for the needs of the accessibility market. We are committed to working with partners to provide regular review and evaluation by actual users, and to make our solutions widely available. We will accomplish this primarily by taking advantage of the built-in solutions provided by the computer or devices operating system, or by supporting open source alternatives. Additionally, we will work with the leading third-party vendors in the market to provide support for those users where possible. More information regarding VitalSource’s commitment to accessibility can be downloaded here.

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