Set up an Institutional Allow List Integration in Explore

To begin the setup process, click the Integrations button at the top of the Institution details screen.

If you do not have any integrations set up yet, click the Set Up Integration button in the centre of the screen. If there is already an integration set up, the button will be at the top of the screen.

Email Allow List VitalSource admin

  1. Select Email Allow List as the Integration Type.
  2. Enter the email domain. You can enter numerous email domains by clicking the Add Another button.
  3. Click the Complete button when finished.

Email Allow List non-VitalSource admin

  1. Email domains must be provided during the onboarding process. If they were not, contact support to set them up.

After the initial set up, email domains can be managed by clicking into the Email Allow List card on the Integrations screen.

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