Feature Removal

The Assignments feature will no longer be available as of July 1, 2021.

Assigned readings go beyond “Read chapter 1” by providing both a start and an end point, as well as a reading goal, to add focus and a sense of completion to your reading experience. This study tool also allows students to complete assignments in a view designed to reduce distractions and optimise time spent learning.

Access Assigned Readings 

The Assigned Readings link can be sent to students by instructors in an email or instant message, or posted in your learning management system. Click on the link, then log in to your Bookshelf® account.


Click the purple Assignment icon to view your assignment.


From here, you can:

  • View your progress toward completion
  • Pick a section to read
  • Start the assignment from the beginning
  • Go back to a list view of all your assignments


When you click Start Assignment or select a specific reading, you will be placed directly into the selected reading assignment.


Navigating Your Reading Assignment

Assigned readings allow for a focused study session away from distractions. As a result, we have added features to aid in keeping you on task.

Click on the main menu to slide out the screen showing assignment progress. Jump around to other readings and close by clicking the main menu again.


Click on the page number (when applicable) and see the list of pages in the reading assignment. Note: You cannot navigate to a page that is not within the assignment.


Click Search to perform a targeted find within the assignment. Navigate through the search results by clicking the arrows. Not seeing what you need? Click Search full book. Note: Searching the full book will minimise this reading assignment. You can return at any time.

Click Notebook to see your notes within the assignment. Not seeing what you need? Click Open Notebook in full book. Note: Opening your notebook in full book will minimise this reading assignment. You can return at any time.

Zoom in and out as necessary, and resize the page to the height or width of your screen.


Click on the minus sign to minimise your assigned reading and enter the full book. Click X to exit your reading assignment. Your progress will be saved.

As you progress through your assignments, your completion bar will start to fill. You can continue or take a break as you go.


When you complete your assignment, you have the option to go back to Bookshelf by clicking Done or reading your assignment again.



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