The Manage platform provides the ability to create codes to distribute your content to customers or prospective customers. Codes are 20-characters long and are redeemed for a licence to content in Bookshelf.

  1. Log in to Manage.
  2. Click on the menu icon mceclip0.png and choose either Basic Search or Advanced Search to find your asset. You can also use the Navigate to... search bar and enter the name or ISBN of the asset.


  1. When you find the correct book in your search results, use the duration-specific menu under the title to create codes. Click the desired duration, and then select Create Codes.


Note: If you don’t see the duration you need, the publisher may not have created that duration, or you may not have access to distribute it. When creating codes for a package, the Create Codes button will be to the right side of the search result card.

  1. Upon clicking Create Codes you will be directed to the Generate Codes page and prompted to select a company through which to distribute codes.


  1. After choosing a company, you will have the option to customise the following items. (Note: Please refer to your contract to verify you have the ability to generate codes with the terms listed below.)
    • How many
    • Downloadable Licence Type
    • Online Licence Type
    • Mark as Special Code Type
    • Territorial Activation Control
    • Tag
    • Price

(Note: Licence type options are omitted when creating codes for rental durations.)


  1. Once you have finished customising, click Go to generate codes. Codes will either display on screen or be sent via email, depending on the quantity chosen.
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