Redistributing Content with Custom Pricing in Manage

Redistributor is a feature in Manage that can accurately attribute sales data and publisher compensation to the correct entity within complex billing relationships - for example when a publisher needs to share content between its different regional teams and ensure “due credit” is given to the region in which a transaction takes place.

With the appropriate account permissions, you can assign content in bulk to your regional companies in Manage. The regional companies (called “redistributors”), can then can manually generate and distribute codes or assign distribution rights as if they own the content to their local partners and customers (called “distributors”).

It’s possible that your different regional companies will sell the same products at different local prices, and/or at different prices to different distributors. It’s therefore essential that Manage holds the correct pricing data for every distribution you set up, so that correct billing, remittance and reporting is ensured per publishers’ unique business needs.

This article shows the steps required to create new distributions and/or update existing distributions with correct pricing (Custom Price) for all your redistributed content.

Log into Manage using your normal System User credentials:


Your Manage account will have been configured to enable you to redistribute content to your distributors (e.g. institutions and resellers), and to edit details of those distributions.


How to add new distributions and update Custom Pricing

  1. Click the menu icon mceclip1.png in the top left corner to open the main menu:


  1. Select ‘Distribution & Pricing’, then select ‘Custom Pricing’:


  1. The Custom Pricing screen will load. In the first ‘Content’ box, enter VBIDs, custom ISBNs, or rental SKUs (one per row) for the asset(s) you want to distribute or have previously distributed.
  2. Select the appropriate distributor from the Distributor drop-down menu. This is the institution/reseller the content goes to.
  3. Select the appropriate redistributor from the Redistribution Company drop-down menu. This is the regional entity that will be recognised for the transaction and billed/remitted to per the business rules set up for your company:


Note: if no redistribution relationship applies, you can select ‘Do not redistribute’ in the Redistribution Company drop-down menu. This will result in the Supplier (content owner) being billed/credited for the distribution transaction.

  1. Click Search. Your results will be displayed, showing Title and VBID/SKU. If this distribution for this customer has previously been created for your selected Redistribution company, it will also display the Current Price in the system; similarly, if a Custom ISBN/PubID has previously been entered, this will also be shown:



Adding a new distribution:

  • If Current Price is blank, the distribution you searched for has not previously been made.

 You can now complete it as follows:

  1. enter a custom price in the New Price box – this is your selling price to the distributor for this transaction, and ensures billing and/or remittance will be processed correctly
  2. select the correct currency from the drop-down menu:


  3. enter Custom ISBN/PubID if required:


  4. select Set to complete the distribution:



Updating an existing distribution:

  • If Current Price shows a value, the distribution you searched for has previously been made:


You must ensure the price shown in Current Price is your selling price to the distributor for this transaction. This ensures billing and/or remittance will be processed correctly. If necessary you can update it as follows:

  1. enter a custom price in the New Price box
  2. select/amend the correct currency from the drop-down menu:


  3. enter Custom ISBN/PubID if required


  4. click Set to complete price update:


nb: if you need to remove a distribution, please contact your CSM. Note that selecting ‘Deactivate’ above will NOT remove a distribution – it will only remove an existing Custom Price, and billing/remittance will then be processed against existing DLP prices.

Custom Price Bulk Upload

The Custom Price Bulk Upload function allows you to make distributions - for multiple assets to multiple distributors as required - and include custom pricing in a single process. This is done by downloading, completing and re-uploading an Excel template file.

  1. From the main menu mceclip1.png, select Distribution & Pricing, then select Custom Price Bulk Upload:


  2. Select ‘Download a template file’:


  3. Open the downloaded Excel file.
  4. Enter SKU/VBID(s), Distributor(s), Redistributor(s), and appropriate Custom Price in the correct currency:


  5. To set prices in a different currency to “USD”, change the three-letter currency codes in the column headers (cells E2 and E3) to your required ISO codes.
  6. Save the Excel file to your computer.
  7. On the Custom Price Upload page, select Choose File to upload your completed Excel file.
  8. Select Import to complete adding/updating your distributions and custom pricing:


To check, you can search for the VBID (Basic Search or Advanced Search), then select Pricing, then select Product Distributions and you will see the distribution in place with your custom pricing applied:


Important to note:

An asset must be in either ‘Available’ (green) or ‘Limited Distribution’ (blue) status for it to be visible to your Redistributor Company, unless you are the content owner.  If an asset is marked with any other status (e.g. ‘Out of Distribution’) it cannot be distributed via your Redistributor company. It will also fail to upload as part of the Custom Pricing Bulk Upload function.

Asset status can be viewed on both the Search Results page and Product Summary page:


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