Subscriptions may include borrowing limits that determine how much content a user can activate to their Bookshelf account from a specific subscription.

Borrowing a Book

When a user is interested in
borrowing a book, they will be able
to see if that book is available to
them. The loan period indicates
how long that user will be able to
borrow that book for. Books in a
subscription with borrow limits
set are non-returnable.

Information About Borrowed Books 

The detailed view lists all of the
user's borrowed books, and it shows
how long they have to read them. At the bottom of the screen
will be a running total of the
user’s borrowed books.
Clicking the blue button will
open up a detailed list of all
their borrowed books.

When Borrowing Limit is Reached 

When a user has reached their
borrow limit, they will see that
each book they are currently not
borrowing is unavailable. When a user hovers over a book
that they have not borrowed, they
will see that it is unavailable with
the message that their borrowing
limit has been reached. A
notification of this also shows in
the Borrowed items indicator.

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