Managing your account is easy with Bookshelf®. Within the Tools menu, you're able to:

  • Redeem access codes for new content
  • Update your library


Redeem Access Codes for New Content

For users who are accessing content outside of a learning management system or virtual learning environment, there are two places on the homepage to redeem access codes for new content: from within the Tools menu and in the bottom right of the footer.

Click on either Redeem Codes from the Tools menu or the Redeem Codes link in the footer. The Redeem Code dialogue box will appear. Copy and paste your code into the field and click Redeem.


If you have acquired multiple codes for content, you can redeem multiple codes all at once by clicking the Add multiple codes link. A second box will appear, and you can add more by clicking Add More.


Update Your Library

If you redeem a code(s) and the title doesn’t appear in your library, click on the Update Library link in the Tools menu to perform a refresh of your account.



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