Acrobatiq LTI 1.3 Setup in Blackboard

Acrobatiq LTI 1.3 Setup in Blackboard

System Requirements

LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage integrations are available on:

  • SAAS Learn Deployment and Learn 9.1 Q4 2019 , Self and Managed hosted versions, and above

LMS Admin Course Set up

  1. Navigate to System Admin → Integrations  LTI Tool Providers, and click Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.
  2. Enter the Client ID provided by the VitalSource Integration Manager and click Submit.
  3. Verify and set the following information:
    • Tool Status
      • Client ID: Should be the same as the one provided by the VitalSource Integration Manager
      • Name: VitalSource LTI 1.3 Production
      • Description: VitalSource LTI 1.3 Production
      • Deployment ID: Copy and send to the VitalSource Integration Manager
      • Initiate Login URL:
      • Tool Redirect URLs:
    • Domains
    • Tool Status: Approved
      • Tool Provider Customer Parameters
        • blackboard_course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@
        • blackboard_user_external_uid=@X@user.batch_uid@X@
        • blackboard_user_id=@X@user.pk_string@X@

    • Institution Policies
      • User Fields to Send
        • Role in Course
        • Name
        • Email Address
      • Allow Grade Service Access: Yes
      • Allow Membership Access: Yes Screenshot_2023-01-31_at_3.23.27_PM.png
  4. Click Submit

Managing Link Placements

Follow the instructions below to make an LTI link to VitalSource available in Course Tools. 

  1. Go to the System Admin panel.
  2. Click on LTI Tool Providers and find the Tool/Provider for VitalSource (
  3. Click the arrow next to the provider domain and click Manage Placements.
  4. Click Create Placement and enter the following:

    • Type:
      • Course content tool: Select this option if you would like faculty to add the link to their course through the Content section (classic) or Content Market (Ultra)
    • Tool Provider URL: Depending on the VitalSource tool you are using, enter one of the URLs below:
      • Multi-Course content access & opt-out tool:
      • Single-Course content access & opt-out tool:
      • Instructor Dashboard:
        *Note: this tool is available in the instructor view in both tools listed above.
        *We recommend setting VitalSource up as a REST API Integration when using this tool:
    • Tool Provider Custom Parameters
      • blackboard_course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@
      • blackboard_user_external_uid=@X@user.batch_uid@X@
      • blackboard_course_external_uid=@X@course.batch_uid@X@
      • blackboard_user_id=@X@user.pk_string@X@
  5. Click Submit

Creating Links (Classic View)

Create a Link from a Link Placement

This will allow you to add a Link Placement to a content area in a course. Courses typically have a content area labeled Content available in the Course Menu by default.

  1. From within a course, click Content in the Course Menu
  2. Click on the Build Content drop-down menu and locate the VitalSource tool you’d like to use.
  3. Enter the following to create the link:
    • Link Name: Enter what you’d like the link to be called. For example: VitalSource Course Materials
    • Available: Yes
  4. Click Submit

Creating an LTI Link

This allows you to create an LTI link in an Ultra course that is not based on a Link Placement. This is the best option if you are linking directly to a specific VitalSource product.

  1. When in an Ultra course, click the plus sign in the area of the course where you would like your link to be and select Create.
  2. Click the Teaching Tools with LTI
  3. Enter the following link details:
    • Edit the link title at the top to the link title you would like to display
    • Configuration URL: this will be provided by your VitalSource Integration Manager
    • Select Add Custom Parameters and enter the following (one per line):
      • blackboard_course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@
      • blackboard_user_external_uid=@X@user.batch_uid@X@
      • blackboard_course_external_uid=@X@course.batch_uid@X@
      • blackboard_user_id=@X@user.pk_string@X@
      • Open in a new window: Check the box
  4. Click Save

Acrobatiq Gradebook Sync Tool for Instructors

The gradebook sync tool allows instructors to manually select the specific graded items that will be sent to the LMS. The gradebook sync feature is available for all integrations using LTI 1.3.

How to Access

From within each new course section:

  1. Navigate to Gradebook via the Profile Menu
  2. Select Gradebook
  3. Select Gradebook Sync


Make Customizations

  1. To include the module or unit number in the title of each graded item turn the Add Module or Unit Number to ON.
  2. To add gradebook columns, click the checkbox to the left of the item.
  3. To select all graded items, use Select All
  4. Once all items have been selected, click Create Selected Columns. All selected will be created in the LMS gradebook. Columns that have synced to the LMS gradebook will have a green checkmark in the Exists in LMS column.

    Note:Step 5, manual syncing is not necessary, automatic syncing will occur once step 4 is complete. 
  5. To manually sync grades between Acrobatiq and your LMS, click Sync grades for this course now.



  • The title of each item will appear as it appears on the Acrobatiq Sync Tool will be the exact title that is sent to the gradebook in the LMS.
  • If you need to remove a column from your LMS gradebook, you must do so in your LMS.


What do students see when they access Acrobatiq courseware via an LMS?

After a student clicks the link in their LMS, they will automatically be registered in their course section. The student is placed at courseware homepage.

Can I select which assignments sync to the LMS gradebook?

Yes, instructors can select a subset of gradebook items to sync to their LMS gradebook. Once gradebook items have been selected and synced, they will appear in the LMS with the correct label and point value.

Can I change the name of the assignments in my LMS?

While the name of the gradebook item/assignment can be changed in the LMS, the gradebook item name in the courseware will stay the same.

Can I select which gradebook items to sync to the LMS? 

Yes, Instructors can use the gradebook sync tool to select the items that will sync to the gradebook.

What happens when I modify an assignment’s point value in the LMS?

The point value for the assignment is updated in both Acrobatiq and the LMS (after the next LTI launch from anyone into that course section).

Existing scores in the LMS are scaled to reflect point value change.

Can I add additional assignments to the LMS gradebook?

Yes, using the Acrobatiq gradebook sync tool, you can add additional assignments. Existing scores for the assignment are sent to the LMS upon sync.

Can I remove an Acrobatiq gradebook item from the sync?

Yes. You can unselect the item in the gradebook sync tool. You will also need to remove the item from the LMS gradebook.

What happens when I remove and then re add an item from the LMS gradebook?

After an item is removed from the LMS gradebook it can be added back by selecting the assignment for sync in the Acrobatiq gradebook sync tool.

Note, the LMS may now show a duplicate line item, the disassociated original and the replacement.

Can I manually send scores?

Yes. Sync any line item changes from Acrobatiq to the LMS as defined above.
Resend all scores for all line items from Acrobatiq to the LMS.

How often are scores synced to the LMS?

Scores are sent as they are created in Acrobatiq; there can be a delay of approximately 5 minutes for the score to show in the LMS after an assessment is completed.

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