Bookshelf® Uptime Availability - For Profit and Career Institutions

Always Available 

Your students need to consume their content around the clock. With the high availability of VitalSource Bookshelf®, they can.

For students, being able to access their course material means everything. VitalSource understands the importance of meeting students’ expectations and delivers digital learning materials when and where they want them.

Impeccable Performance

An important gauge of a technology company’s reliability is its uptime, or how close its system or service’s delivery is to continuous operation without interruption. Our modern software development model allows us to deploy software upgrades, new features, and bug fixes with zero downtime. In fact, our 12-month Bookshelf Online and API average uptime is better than 99.99%.

Seamless Scalability

Our ability to reliably meet demands means users can trust VitalSource at any time of the day. During peak periods throughout the year—including finals and back to school— our servers adapt to handle the increase in usage. Plus, our product engineering group has system teams on call 24/7, ready and available in real-time to receive and act immediately to production alerts.

Expansive Global Reach

With users in 241 countries and territories, VitalSource is committed to delivering world-class service. Students take it as a given that they can use any of their devices for the same task, apps are installed and functioning correctly, and content will be there for them anytime and anywhere. And with 120 network access points and operations centers around the world, we can meet students’ needs—no matter where they are.

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