Equitable Access (EA) Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to provide recommendations, guidelines, and examples to help independent stores as they educate campus stakeholders about the benefits of Equitable Access (EA). The components can help form a starting point for project roadmaps, launch plans, and communication tools. 

We assembled this toolkit with input and resources from independent campus stores implementing Equitable Access. We are grateful for their contributions and pleased to share their collective expertise. We ask that if you find this toolkit beneficial, you’ll consider contributing your own best practices and the materials you develop for the benefit of industry colleagues.

Please reach out to your Account Executive to discuss EA on your campus.


  • Socialize an Equitable Access proposal to campus stakeholders with the goal of gaining grassroots support and reframing the project as an institutional initiative (as opposed to a campus store initiative)
  • Gain Approval for implementing Equitable Access.
  • Prepare campus for program launch

Equitable Access (EA) Launch Preparation Time

This timeline is just one example of the types of pieces contained within the pages of this toolkit. Click the image below to expand the timeline and view an estimated set of project dates for launching EA on your campus. You will need to request login access at the bottom of this page to obtain access to the additional Resource Categories below. 

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Resource Categories

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To request access, please contact us at verbaonerequests@vitalsource.com

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