Moodle New LTI 1.3 Tool Setup and Link Placement

Use these instructions if you do not already have the Course Materials LTI 1.1 link installed for First Day or First Day Complete.

LMS Admin/Course Set Up

The instructions below were created using Moodle version 3.8. If you are on a different supported version, your instructions might be slightly different.

Registering LTI 1.3 Tool

  1. Navigate to Site Administration → Plugins → Activity Modules → External Tool → Manage Tools.
  2. Under Manage Tools select Configure a tool manually.
  3. Fill in the following data in the form:

    • Tool Settings
      • Tool name: Course Materials
      • Tool URL:
      • Tool description: Leave blank
      • LTI version: LTI 1.3
      • Public key: This will be provided by your BNC Implementation contact
      • Initiate login URL: This will be provided by your BNC Implementation contact
      • Redirection URI(s):
      • Custom parameters: Leave blank
      • Tool configuration usage: Show as a preconfigured tool when adding an external tool
      • Default launch container: Embed, without blocks
      • Content-Item Message: unchecked
    • Icon URL:
    • Secure icon URL:
    • Services
      • IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services: Use this service for grade sync and column management

      • IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning: Use this setting to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings

      • Tool Settings: Do not use this service

    • Privacy
      • Share launcher's name with tool: Always    
      • Share launcher's email with tool: Always
      • Accept grades from the tool: Never
    • Miscellaneous
      • Organization ID: Leave blank
      • Organization URL: Leave blank
    • Click Save Changes
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. On the Manage Tools page click the configuration icon for the BNC LTI 1.3 tool you just created.
  6. Gather the LTI 1.3 configuration details for the tool you just created and send them to your BNC implementation contact by clicking the configuration icon.

  7. Copy and paste the configuration details and send them to your BNC Implementation contact through a secure one-time link process.

Managing Link Placements

Once the LTI 1.3 External Tool is installed, links can be added in the relevant courses.

Steps for Adding a Link to a Course

  1. Within a course in Moodle, turn editing on.
  2. In the relevant section of your course, click Add an Activity or Resource.
  3. Click External Tool, then click Add.
  4. Name the new activity and choose the previously created External Tool Type from the drop-down menu.
  5. All other settings will be taken from the External Tool Type defaults that were selected during tool installation.
  6. Click either Save and Return to Course or Save and Display.

API Setup

To complete the Moodle API Integration - Roster Exchange Setup, please visit the Moodle API Integration Roster Exchange Setup page. 

Moodle Merges + Cross-listing Mapping

Please use the Moodle Merges + Cross-listing Mapping template to communicate any merged or cross-listed courses.

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