Adopt and Launch Publisher Courseware - Instructors

Partner Integration provides a unified and guided experience in the Learning Management System (LMS) for students and instructors in an Inclusive Access course. VitalSource enables codeless access to courseware through single-sign-on (SSO), a more flexible opt-in/opt-out process, and clear communication. 

Adopting, accessing, and viewing student engagement reports can be done in just a few steps. 

Adopt Courseware

As a part of your institution's Inclusive Access program, you may be using Collect to make your course materials adoptions. Choose your courseware for your courses and submit via the usual process. 

Once adopted, your institution (usually an instructional designer or LMS admin) will install a tool to allow Vitalsource to "talk" to your LMS. Confirm with this person whether or not you need to install the tool into your course. If so, visit this page and choose your LMS type under the Integrate With VitalSource section.

Launch Courseware 

Navigate to your courseware in your LMS. Here, our example is in Canvas. 


When prompted, click the button to launch your course materials. 

Instructor Tools 

As an instructor, you have access to the same content as students along with some additional features. 

From the My Courses Home (default) tab, you can view the last day for students to opt-out of their course materials, as well as the ability to launch into your courseware content. 


Please note, depending on the publisher, you may or may not be able to create your courseware course through this tool.




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