Publisher Order Form

Existing publishers should submit this form to request all non-Explore new customer Bookshelf integrations - click here to open the form in a new tab.

See our FAQs below and watch the video to learn more:


Q: Do I use these forms for all the business I send to VitalSource?

A: No. The Publisher Order form is for Bookshelf opportunities. (The Explore form is for Explore only.) Any other business opportunities should be communicated to your sales contact at VitalSource. 

Q: Will there be training on how to use the forms?

A: Yes. The walkthrough video of how to use the form will be sent to all publisher sales representatives together with our FAQs. 

Q: What are the turnaround times on the forms?

A: Up to 10 days. This allows for any delays in communication with the institution, missing information etc. 

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