Studio Features: Screens

Studio Features: Screens

Screen Types

There are 2 types of screens in Studio: Content Screens and Scored Screens.

  • Content Screens are generally used for instructional content interwoven with self-practice questions. Content screens can include any block types available in Studio.
  • Scored Screens can be used to create screens that are dedicated to assessment questions only and are designed to feel more like a quiz experience than formative assessments embedded in the content. Scored Screens can include any block types except for survey questions.

Open Screens

Navigate to a Screen by clicking the ‘Open’ button on the screen row in the TOC. A screen row is represented by this icon: Screen_Icon.png

A screen represents a page in your eBook. All blocks are created and organized at the screen level. Once on a screen, you can add/modify/move blocks to create an eBook page.

Click the product name in the upper left of the screen to return to the TOC screen.

Changing a Screen Name

You can modify the screen title by clicking the edit pencil next to the screen name at the top. Changing the screen name at the screen level will also update the name on the TOC screen.


Filtering Flags

On the upper name bar on a screen you can filter flagged blocks to view all Flags or just those assigned to you, via the Flags menu


Preview/Edit Toggle

To view the screen in preview mode (see it as a student would in Bookshelf), click the Preview button in the upper right on the nav bar. The button will toggle to ‘Edit’. All edges will be removed from the blocks and you will see the pages as it would appear in Bookshelf. To return to the Edit view click the ‘Edit’ button.


Inserting a Screen Break

On any screen, you can insert a screen break to divide the content into separate screens. To insert a screen break, roll the cursor between the blocks where you want to insert the break until the ‘+ Add Block’ line appears, then move the cursor right over the book icon to switch to the ‘Insert Screen Break’ line. Click the book icon to insert the break.


All blocks below the break line will be moved to a new screen.

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