Creating a New Template

Creating a New Template

On the Libraries screen, click the Templates button in the upper right to navigate to the template screen. To add a new template to the list of available templates in a project, select the ‘+Template’ button. In the Add Template window enter the name and description of the new template. A new template cannot have the same name as an existing template.



To add blocks to your new template, click the Open button for the template and add your desired blocks as you would on any other screen.

Add a Template to a Product

Once a template is created and in the library’s template list you can use the template for any product in the library.

To add a template screen to your product, click the ‘+ Add’ button on the TOC screen and select the ‘Screen From Template’ option.


Select the desired template for the template list, enter a screen name, and select the desired location in the TOC.

Once added to the Table of Contents, the template screen will follow all the same rules and conventions as adding a blank screen. At this point it is like any other screen on my page, it is however, populated with all the elements/blocks defined in the template along with any associated media and text.

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