Creating a Build

Start by building an EPUB 3 file of your content by clicking Create New Build button. Builds may require 2-30 minutes depending on the complexity of content and number of concurrent builds by other Studio users.

While your EPUB is building, you will see a progress bar indicating progress. You can leave this page during the build process, and your EPUB will continue building in the background.


Once your build is complete, you may see some information warnings about your content.



Warning messages may inform you of the following issues:

  • Your product does not have final publication-ready metadata. (You can still build and preview without final metadata. Studio will use default metadata until the publication-ready metadata is entered.)
  • A link to the media was found to contain unsupported characters, so Studio has replaced those characters in order to proceed with the EPUB build.
  • A link to the media file is broken on the specified screen. Please check the link.
  • A link on Screen A to Screen B of your product is not finding the target screen. Please check the link.
  • The x-numbered block on the specified screen contains invalid XML. Please check the block.

A successful build is the first step required for previewing or publishing in Bookshelf.


If an issue is encountered that causes your build to fail, Studio administrators are immediately notified. Once the issue is resolved, you will be contacted.


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