Making Revisions and Publishing Live

Making Revisions and Publishing Live

If your content needs revisions, return to your product in Studio and make the necessary changes. When you return to the Export page, a yellow warning indicator lets you know that your content has changed since your most recent EPUB file was built.


Click Create New Build to make a new build that incorporates your most recent changes. Once your build is complete:

  1. Click the Create Preview button to create a new preview build.
  2. Click Launch to preview your new build in Bookshelf.


Publishing Live

Once you're satisfied with the content and ready to make it available, communicate with your primary contact at VitalSource to set up metadata for the product.


If the metadata is not complete, you will not be able to publish.


When your metadata is completed and accurate, return to the Export page and click Publish.


While the content is being ingested into Bookshelf, you see an "in progress" animation. Publish can take 4-10 minutes. You can leave this page during the ingestion process, and the product will continue publishing in the background.


Once the Bookshelf ingestion is completed, use the Launch button to open Bookshelf and see the content.


The published title will appear in the same Bookshelf library as your preview title without a "preview" label.


The finished content is now available for customers on Bookshelf.


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