Studio Math Editor

Studio Math Editor

This walkthrough will show you how to create accessible math notations in VitalSource Studio.

How to create a math notation

Click Math_Icon.png to open a separate window with a full array of templates, symbols, and options for authoring math content. In this math editor window, content authors enter their math notation, and then click OK.


Click OK to close the math editor and insert the math into the block at the cursor location.


How to revise math notations

Click anywhere on the math "statement" to select it, then click on the math editor button to open and edit that portion of the math. Any math created in the math editor can be selected and edited.


How to close the math editor

Click Done to close the Studio editor and render the math as it will be seen in Bookshelf.


Screen reader display

As authors create math content with the editor, Studio is saving alt text that will be available to screen readers in Bookshelf. The WIRIS editor is capable of saving the math as MathML, or as images + alt text, depending on implementation. Studio is saving the math as MathML, but using the alt text that WIRIS automatically generates for images paired with the MathML for accessibility.

Example A


Example A shows the math as seen by a sighted user.

Example B


Example B reveals the hidden alt text (in yellow) that is being saved for screen reader users. The alt text is shown here for demonstration purposes and is not visible in Studio or Bookshelf.

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