Quickly and Easily Create Supplemental Media to Maximize Engagement

After highlighting content within a textbook or other course materials, you can add media-rich content to further enhance students' learning.

Add a Note

To add a note to a highlight, double-click on the highlight with the cursor of your mouse and type the note into the text field. Your note will be autosaved as you type, and you can view your note by clicking on the highlight.

Highlight text and release cursor. The ability to add a note will appear automatically.

Add a Link to a Note

Add a link to a note to guide students to another location within the text, or to external material.

Step 1: Copy and paste any URL into the note field.

Image showing a pasted link in the Add Note field.

Step 2: Click out of the note field to save changes. 

Step 3: Click on the highlight or yellow note icon to view and click the link.

Image of pasted URL in the Add Note field. Access the note and URL by clicking on the highlighted text or the note icon.



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