Create Your Implementation Team

The first step on your path to increased course materials affordability and a seamless student and instructor experience is to assemble a cross-functional implementation team to help get your program moving. Your VitalSource Customer Success Manager will work with your implementation team through every step of the journey to provide expertise and insights. Think of your Customer Success Manager as the train conductor responsible for delivering your program successfully and on time.


Who Should Join Your Implementation Team?

While each Inclusive Access program is unique, we find that the most successful programs have representatives from the following areas:

Campus Store

In our experience, the campus store is best positioned to manage the day-to-day aspects of Inclusive Access programs. Due to their existing expertise with the course materials ecosystem, integrations with critical campus systems like the SIS, ability to charge student accounts for course materials, relationships with faculty and students, and engagement with external partners like publishers and technology vendors, the campus store is an ideal champion for Inclusive Access programs and a critical member of your implementation team.

Campus Technology

  • LMS admin or course designer: Because of the need to integrate course materials with your campus learning management system, it is important that someone from the LMS admin or course design team joins your implementation team.
  • IT support specialist: When students and faculty on your campus need technical support related to the LMS, they will reach out to your existing IT support team. It is important that a member of your IT support team joins the implementation team to allow them to receive tier one support training from VitalSource. This will also allow them to work with VitalSource to develop escalation paths from your campus to VitalSource.
  • Student information system administrator: In order to place charges or refunds on student accounts, VitalSource will require limited student information system (SIS) data. Based on your Inclusive Access program strategy, which you will design in the next step of this guide, your SIS administrator will work with VitalSource to either complete an integration or set up a secure FTP site to share information to process charges and refunds based on student activity.


In our experience, the most successful programs have a champion in academic or institutional administration. This champion helps your implementation team navigate roadblocks, create program awareness, generate buy-in across campus departments and functional areas, and publicize program success. We recommend that you seek a program sponsor or champion to join your implementation team. This person could be a provost, dean, senior faculty member, director of e-learning, VP of academic affairs, chief technology officer, chief financial officer, etc.

VitalSource Success Manager

As noted above, your VitalSource Customer Success Manager will work with your implementation team through every step of the journey to provide expertise and insights. Your Customer Success Manager is the “train conductor” responsible for ensuring your program is delivered successfully and on time. 

You may also find it useful to make the following departments on campus aware of the plan to transition to Inclusive Access:

Student government: We recommend inviting students from your campus student government association to have a seat at the table.

Accessibility office: Because students enrolled in Inclusive Access courses may have special needs, we recommend that you invite your campus team responsible for assisting students with special needs to learn more about VitalSource’s industry-leading commitment to accessibility.


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