Manage Users and Features

Manage is VitalSource’s robust content management system. Clients can search for content, assign distribution rights, manage custom pricing, and receive access to VitalSource platforms and solutions.


Content owners (publishers) and distributors (institutions) use Manage. Publishers use Manage to control the distribution and pricing of their content. Institutions use Manage to request access to materials, keep record of the content they distribute, and maintain access to VitalSource solutions such as Bookshelf and Studio.

Key Features

  • Searching for assets
  • Book List Manager solution for content requests
  • Managing distribution and pricing
  • Creating codes for eBooks and courseware
  • Help Desk portal for technical troubleshooting

How to Access

After receiving system credentials from your Customer Success Manager (CSM), clients can access Manage at The Book List Manager solution is part of the Manage product suite and is available at

Integration with VitalSource Product Suite

Manage interacts with Bookshelf to deliver authorized content to users at the appropriate license durations and price.

Training and Support

Work with your Customer Success Manager to coordinate Book List Manager training to help the content adoption process progress smoothly, as well as Help Desk training for your campus technology team to help in supporting faculty and students.

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