Develop Your Inclusive Access Program Strategy

Before you begin building your program and adopting content, it’s important to understand your institution’s goals for the program, as well as your unique institutional needs. The questions below will help determine your program strategy and your institutional needs. We recommend that you answer these questions in collaboration with your implementation team and your VitalSource Customer Success Manager.

What are your three primary goals for transitioning to Inclusive Access?

  • How will you measure the success of your program?
  • How many courses will participate in your Inclusive Access program at launch?
  • What are the student enrollment projections for these courses?
  • How many term starts are there per year?
  • When is the census date, or the last date by which students may opt-out/opt-in to your program?
  • When are students given access to courses in the LMS?
  • Is your campus a BYOD environment, or do you supply students with laptops or other devices used to consume course materials?
  • Which campus department is responsible for understanding student engagement data?
  • Who on your campus requires access to operational reports?
  • How do you plan to charge student accounts: via a one-time charge to the student account after the census date or via continuous charges?

Once your implementation team has answered the questions above, your VitalSource Customer Success Manager will help you adjust your project plan and timeline to account for any unique needs of your program.


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