Previous D2L/Brightspace External Tool Configuration – LTI 1.1 Installation

Previous D2L/Brightspace External Tool Configuration – LTI 1.1 Installation

Add the Course Materials Link to D2L

With the following steps, the D2L Administrator will create a placement for Course Materials.

If you had previous courses in First Day, this link should be added as soon as possible, as faculty will require access to setup their courseware for upcoming term. You will need to temporarily name it something different such as “FirstDay Course Materials” to keep it separate and identifiable from your current “Course Materials” link. The current link should not be removed until spring courses have ended.

If you did not have previous courses in First Day, you can install the new LTI link with the name “Course Materials” as soon as possible.

Please contact for your key and secret.

  1. Log into Brightspace by D2L as a Super Administrator user.
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right-hand side of the page to view Admin Tools.
  3. Under the Organization Related section, click on the External Learning Tools link.
  4. Click on Manage Tool Provider then click on New Tool Provider.
  5. On the directed page, enter the following to populate the tool provider form:
    • Launch Point:
    • OAuth Signature method: Select HMAC-SHA1
    • Key: Enter the consumer key provided to you via email.
    • Secret: Enter the shared secret provided to you via email.
    • Check the box to use custom tool consumer information instead of default.
    • Description: Access your digital course materials here.
    • Contact email: Provide email address here for contact information.
    • Visibility: Check the box to allow users to view the link
    • Security Settings: Check all boxes
      • Send tool consumer information to tool provider
      • Send context information to tool provider
      • Send course information to tool provider
      • Send LTI user ID and LTI role list to tool provider
      • Send user name to tool provider
      • Send user email to tool provider
      • Send system username to tool provider
      • Send system Org Defined ID to tool provider
      • Send system role to tool provider
      • Send link title to tool provider.
    • Make tool provider available to: Make sure the appropriate Org Unit(s) is selected and the box is checked off. Another button exists under called Add Org Units where you can add more additional units, if needed.
    • Select top org units and select “All descendants”.
  6. Click Save and Close.

System-Level Configuration of LTI External Learning Tool Link

  1. Once you’ve added the tool provider, click the Manage External Learning Tool Links tab.
  2. Click New Link.
  3. Enter the following properties:
    • Title: Enter the name for the link you’d like to display in your courses (Recommended: Course Materials)
    • URL:
    • Description: Text box is included for description purposes.
    • Visibility: Check the “Allow users to view this link” box
    • Key/Secret: Tool consumer key/secret, only select this option.
    • Custom parameters: None
    • Security Settings: Use tool provider security settings
  4. Click Save and Close.

Once the LTI External Tool is installed, we recommend adding links to a Module within the relevant Brightspace courses. Modules allow instructors to organize the link within their course as they wish.


Add a Link to a Module

  1. Within a course in Brightspace, navigate to the Table of Contents.
    • If no Modules exist, create one by providing a name for your module.
  2. Once in the Module where you will add the LTI Link, click Existing Activities > External Learning Tools.
  3. Click Create New LTI Link and select the Course Materials link.

D2L Merges + Cross-listing Mapping Template

Please use the downloadable template (see link below) to communicate any merged or cross-listed courses. Completed templates should be emailed to your bookstore manager.




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