Previous Moodle External Tool Configuration – LTI 1.1 Installation

Previous Moodle External Tool Configuration – LTI 1.1 Installation

Add the Course Materials Link to Moodle

With the following steps, the Moodle Administrator will create an external tool placement for Course Materials.

Please contact for your key and secret.

External Tool - Administrator Setup 

  1. Log in to Moodle with your administrator username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Administration block and click on Site administration.
  3. Select Plugins
  4. Select Activity modules
  5. Click on "Manage tools" under External tool
  6. On the Manage tools page, there is an Add tool menu. Click configure a tool manually.
  7. On this page, click Show more… and enter the following in the fields:
    • Tool name: Course Materials
    • Tool URL:
    • Tool description: Leave blank
    • LTI version: LTI 1.0/1.1
    • Consumer key: Enter the consumer key provided to you via email.
    • Shared secret: Enter the shared secret provided to you via email.
    • Custom parameters: Leave blank
    • Tool configuration usage: Show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool
    • Default launch container: Embed, without blocks
    • Click Show more...
    • Content-Item Message: unchecked
    • Icon URL:
    • Secure icon URL:
  8. Once you’ve entered the information, expand the Privacy section just below. Select the following in each field:
    • Share launcher’s name with tool: Always
    • Share launcher’s email with tool: Always
    • Accept grades from the tool: Never
  9. Click Save changes.
  10. The Course Materials external tool will now be available for administrators or faculty to add within courses.
    • In a course, the tool will appear in the + Add an activity or resource menu, under Activities. Editing must be turned on to add this activity.


We don’t recommend altering the name of the link, since it is referred to as “Course Materials” in support documentation for students and faculty.

External Tool - Course Level Setup 

Once the list of participating courses is provided to you by the bookstore, you may enter the course sites and install the Course Materials link with the following instructions.


Please let us know if the tool link must be added by instructors, so that we may share instructions with them ahead of time.

  1. Log in to Moodle with your administrator or teacher credentials.
  2. Navigate to and select your desired course.
  3. Click the Turn editing on button at the top right-hand corner of your course page.
  4. In the section where you wish to place the link, click + Add an activity or resource.
  5. Select Course Materials from the list of activities and resources, then click Add.
    • If you do not see Course Materials on the main list
      • Select External Tool
        • Activity Name: Course Materials
        • Preconfigured tool: Course Materials (or whatever the tool was named)
        • Expand the Privacy tab, and make sure that “Accept grades from the tool” is unchecked.
        • Click Save and return to course.
  6. The link will now appear in your course.

Moodle Merges + Metacourses Mapping Template

Please use the downloadable template (see link below) to communicate any merged or metacourses. Completed templates should be emailed to your bookstore manager.


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