With the following steps, the Jenzabar Administrator will create a placement for Course Materials.

If you had previous courses in First Day, this link should be added as soon as possible, as faculty will require access to setup their courseware for upcoming term. You will need to temporarily name it something different such as “FirstDay Course Materials” to keep it separate and identifiable from your current “Course Materials” link. The current link should not be removed until current term (ex. Summer) courses have ended.

If you did not have previous courses in First Day, you can install the new LTI link with the name “Course Materials” as soon as possible.

Please contact ltisupport@bncollege.com for your key and secret.

Install the Course Materials 

External Learning Tool - Administrator Setup 

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Click Manage Your Learning Tools under the Learning Tools header.
  3. Click Add a New Learning Tool and enter the following:
    • Name: Enter what you would like to appear to your faculty as the tool name. Example: Course Materials 2020
    • Category: Assignment
    • Description: Optional field, can be left blank
    • Sharing: Share this tool with other JICS members
    • Location: https://bc.vitalsource.com/books
    • Key: Enter the key provided to you via email.
    • Secret/Password: Enter secret provided to you via email.
    • Tool Display: new window
  4. Click Submit. The VitalSource tool will now appear in your Learning Tools and will be available for faculty to add to their courses.


Once the LTI External Tool is installed, we recommend adding links to a Module within the relevant Jenzabar courses. Modules allow instructors to organize the link within their course as they wish.

  1. When in a course site in Jenzabar, you can add the VitalSource Tool link to a course page. You can add it to an existing page, or create a new one.
    • If you would like to create a new page, click Add a Page from the left-hand navigation bar and enter the Name for the page you would like to display. Example: Course Materials 2020.
  2. On the page where you would like to add the LTI tool, scroll down to Learning Features and click Learning Tools.
  3. Click+ Add a tool to this page.
  4. Select the VitalSource tool from Your Learning Tools. This will add the VitalSource tool link to your course page.


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