With the following steps, the Sakai Administrator will create a placement for Course Materials.

If you had previous courses in First Day, this link should be added as soon as possible, as faculty will require access to setup their courseware for upcoming term. You will need to temporarily name it something different such as “FirstDay Course Materials” to keep it separate and identifiable from your current “Course Materials” link. The current link should not be removed until current term (ex. Summer) courses have ended.

If you did not have previous courses in First Day, you can install the new LTI link with the name “Course Materials” as soon as possible.

Please contact ltisupport@bncollege.com for your key and secret.

Install the Course Materials 

External Learning Tool - Administrator Setup 

  1. In the Administration Workspace, click on the Tool menu, then External Tools.
  2. Click Install LTI Tool.
  3. Enter in LTI Configuration Information:
    • Site ID: leave blank
    • Tool Name: VitalSource Digital Materials
    • URL: https://bc.vitalsource.com/books
    • Consumer key/secret: Enter key & secret provided to you via email.
    • Check all Privacy Settings to yes
  4. Click Save.


With the LTI tool installed at the system level, instructors will see it available in their courses as a Plugin Tool. From the Site Info menu, click Edit Tools to choose the Course Materials tool for each course.

For Each New Term
In order to pull course information each new term, please be sure to click on the Course Material link in each course in the upcoming term. If we have not received a click into the course, there will be a delay in the course materials being present in the course.

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