Bookshelf CoachMe® FAQ's for Administrators and Technical Staff

Bookshelf CoachMe® FAQ's for Administrators and Technical Staff

Do I need to train my instructors on Bookshelf CoachMe?

It is business as usual for your faculty and staff. There is no training or setup necessary.

Does this affect analytics? Is this reportable? Where does it show up?

Absolutely. Analytics and reporting are part of the value of Bookshelf CoachMe. Both formative and summative practice data is collected and available in custom reports, Caliper data feeds, or via the Instructor Dashboard.

What does it cost?

Nothing! That’s right, it’s free. Bookshelf CoachMe represents a very real opportunity to help many more students be measurably more successful in their learning without adding cost.

What does my staff gain with Bookshelf CoachMe?

Instructors who use Bookshelf CoachMe are rewarded with better-prepared students and better insights into student learning.

If your institution has a VitalSource LTI integration, staff will have access to Bookshelf CoachMe instructor dashboards and will be able to see how students are participating in reading, practice questions, and knowledge checks.

What are the benefits for students?

Bookshelf CoachMe shows students what they know and what they need to spend more time on, so they can maximize their study sessions and take control of their study time. The Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions and knowledge checks help students stay on track, so they show up to class prepared and confident.

Where do the Bookshelf CoachMe questions come from?

The Bookshelf CoachMe questions are created directly from your textbook using VitalSource’s artificial intelligence technology. The Bookshelf CoachMe technology reads the textbook, picks out important content, and creates simple study questions to help you retain what you have just read. Research has shown that answering these questions as you read causes better learning.

What if I have an issue with a question? Who do I contact?

You can flag a problematic question easily from within Bookshelf by using the thumbs up or down and by leaving a comment. Problematic questions are systematically reviewed and removed.

Do I need to train my instructors on Bookshelf CoachMe?

It is business as usual for your faculty and staff. There is no training or setup necessary.

What types of questions are available in Bookshelf CoachMe?

There will be fill-in-the-blank, matching, free response, and multiple-choice questions available.

What is Learn-by-Doing?

Learn-by-Doing, or the Doer Effect, is a learning science principle that proves that practice has about six times the effect on learning than reading. By answering Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions, students will quickly see what they already know, so they can focus on what they need to learn.


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