Connect Item Creation Import

Item Import Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Log-in to Connect with your Connect user account in order to access the Connect Item Creation Import tool, then select the correct catalog.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Item Creation Import
  3. Ensure your file is in the correct format (.csv) and contains the supported column headers and input values (if you need help with this step, click “Download a template” on the Item Creation Import page).
    Note: you may also run a catalog export from a previous term and use the resulting .csv file as an import item. 
  4. Drag and drop your import file or click to browse and select the relevant file for import.
  5. Once the file name is shown and the page has finished loading, click UPLOAD FILE to continue (clicking START OVER will take you back to step 5, where you can select a different file).
  6. Before finalizing your import, you’ll be routed to the “Review & Complete” page. This view will document the number of “ROWS IN FILE” and “PASSING ROWS,” along with “WARNING ROWS” and “FAILING ROWS.” If there are no warning or failing rows, finalize your import by clicking “Complete Import.” If there are warnings or failing rows, proceed to Step 8. 
  7. If you have any warning or failing rows, you can review these errors by downloading the VALIDATION DETAILS REPORT.
  8. If you want to proceed despite warnings and errors, click the COMPLETE IMPORT button to bulk create items.
  9. If you want to make corrections to your file before completing your import, click START OVER and begin at step 5 again with a revised file.
  10. Connect will kick off the import and we’ll send you an email when your items are created and ready to view.



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