If your LMS currently has the VitalSource LTI 1.1 tool configured, the below steps will guide you through the process of upgrading the existing 1.1 tool to a 1.3 configuration.

  1. In Canvas, click Admin → Developer Keys and click + Developer Key. Select the LTI Key option.
  2. Enter the following to configure the tool:
    1. Key Name: VitalSource LTI 1.3
    2. Owner Email: LMS admin’s email address
    3. Redirect URI: https://bc.vitalsource.com/oauth2callback
    4. Method: Manual Entry
    5. Title: VitalSource
    6. Description: VitalSource
    7.  Target Link URI:
      1. https://bc.vitalsource.com/materials OR https://bc.vitalsource.com/books

      2. Work with your VitalSource Integration Manager to ensure the correct endpoint is used here.

    8. OpenID Connect Initiation URL: A VitalSource Integration Manager will provide this.

    9. JWK Method: Select Public JWK URL and enter https://bc.vitalsource.com/ltia/security/jwks

1.     Under Additional Settings, leave all fields blank except for Custom Fields:


  1. Privacy Level = Public

  1. Placements - currently only placements in the Course Navigation and the Link Selection are supported by VitalSource.
  • Course Navigation - link placement is enabled by default within the course navigation menu. Ideal if you are using the same link in every course. This is not recommended if you would like to launch to a specific digital product as that requires the link is edited when added to a course.
  • Link Selection - enables link placement within course modules. This is ideal for launching to specific digital products.
  • For either or both placements, enter the following information:  
  • Click Submit
  • Provide the Client ID and Deployment ID in a one time secret link to your VitalSource Integration Manager to complete the setup.

For steps on adding links to course Modules, please refer to the documentation here.






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