Using the Upload Accessibility Metadata Template

Using the Upload Accessibility Metadata Template

The accessibility template in Upload is a convenient tool for publishers to provide VitalSource with information about the accessibility level of their products.


How is accessibility data handled?

Every time a source file is ingested, VitalSource searches it for accessibility data. This information is then shared with users on product pages in the VitalSource Store.


If the information in the file changes, VitalSource updates the information shown on the Source File tab (shown in the screenshot above). 

Why should publishers use the template?

VitalSource strives to include accessibility information for each of our products, so purchasers can make informed decisions about the products they buy. Sometimes VitalSource receives files containing no accessibility data; using the template helps resolve this issue. 

Where can Publishers find the Accessibility Metadata Template?

The latest version of the sheet is always available to download from

What's in the Accessibility Data?

Accessibility metadata can tell a user useful information about the title, such as whether there are alt text on images, if the title includes structural navigation, or if the title works well with screen readers. The data can also inform users of possible hazards in the title, such as flashing lights that might trigger seizures. 

Where does the Accessibility Data Show? 

Currently, information in titles is only shown on the VitalSource Store page (as seen in the image above).

Does VitalSource Verify Accessibility Data?

VitalSource relies on the publisher to supply accurate information about their titles and does not verify submitted accessibility data. 

Template Overview and Instructions

Like the "regular" metadata template, the Accessibility Metadata Template has color-coded sections of terms to fill in. Placing your cursor over one of the columns in the sheet will show a popup about what information should be entered in the column. 

The Instructionsand Validation tabs provide more information about how to structure and send in accessibility metadata. 

When finished, upload the template via the Upload portal and select Accessibility Metadata from the dropdown. The information provided will be used to populate the Publisher and ONIX information in the VitalSource Store. This update may take up to 24 hours. 


Accessibility Template Sections

Please read this section or refer to the instructions tab in the template for more information on completing the Accessibility Metadata Template.

The template is broken up into four color-coded sections.


Each section has multiple columns to input information. In some cases, the Instructions tab can supply a list of valid values. 


Access Information


Features and Hazards





ONIX Codes


*Note: Currently, the Accessibility Metadata Template is the only way to submit ONIX accessibility information. 

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