Reviewer: Review Course Materials in Collect

Reviewer: Review Course Materials in Collect

Getting Started 

As a Reviewer in Collect, you are responsible for confirming all course adoptions you are assigned to before they reach the bookstore. Here's how you can review your adoptions:


Finding the Right Term

Finding the Right Courses

Notifying the Bookstore of a Course Not Being Taught This Term

Grouping Sections Within a Course

Assigning Instructors to a Course

Submitting an Adoption for an Instructor

Sending a Message to Course Collaborators

Reviewing a Submitted Adoption

Printing and Exporting Adoptions

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Finding the Right Term

When you log into Collect, you will find yourself on the COURSES page.

It is essential before starting the review process to confirm you’re in the correct term. You can do this by finding the
TERM DROPDOWN towards the top of the page.


If you are not in the correct term, open the dropdown and select the right one.


You’re now ready to begin working adoptions for the selected term.

Finding the Right Courses

When you log into Collect, or select a new term, you will be shown all courses you are assigned to for the displayed term. This is a default filter called ALL SECTIONS.


Reviewers are typically assigned two tasks (although campus-to-campus these tasks may vary):

  1. Reviewing course materials submitted by instructors
  2. Handling courses where there is no instructor assigned

We provide two filters tailored for these tasks:

  1. SUBMITTED SECTIONS will display all sections where an instructor has completed an adoption. Once filtered, you can review these sections before passing them on to the bookstore.Screenshot_2023-01-17_at_2.27.48_PM.png
  2. SECTIONS W/O SUBMITTER will display all sections where there is no instructor email on file, so you can either assign an instructor or submit the adoption for the course yourself.

    The selected filtered courses will appear in the middle of the page.

    You can always return to the ALL SECTIONS filter to see everything you're assigned to for the term, or select INCOMPLETE SECTIONS to see all courses where instructors haven’t submitted an adoption.
    If you’d like to filter by Course, Department, or User, we’ve also got Quick Filters for that too.

    When you’re ready to look at a particular course, you can click on the course name under “Viewing ## Courses.” This will take you to the COURSE MANAGEMENT page, where you can manage sections, materials, and users for this course.


    Using filters will allow you to use Collect’s “playlist” functionality - once you are in the Course Management page you can use the NEXT COURSE button to go to the next course within the filtered set.

    Notifying the Bookstore of a Course Not being Taught this Term

    If you are assigned courses or sections that you know won’t be taught this term, or are duplicate listings of other courses, you can let the bookstore know.

    If the entire course is a duplicate, or is not being offered this term begin by going to the COURSE ACTIONS dropdown found towards the middle of the COURSE MANAGEMENT page and select MARK DUPLICATE/NOT OFFERED.

    In the window that opens, type a note to other collaborators (optional) and select the MARK DUPLICATE/NOT OFFERED button.

    You can also mark a single section group within the course as cancelled or duplicate (without impacting the rest of the course). Click on the name of the section (once it is highlighted) to open up the EDIT SECTION window.



    Select JUST THESE SECTIONS from the right and enter a note if you’d like to send a message to other collaborators. Then click MARK DUPLICATE/NOT OFFERED again.


Grouping Sections within a Course

On the COURSE MANAGEMENT page, you can view the sections that make up the course. They will be listed on the left side of the page.


When you select a section, or group of sections, any materials already submitted will appear to the right under the SELECTED MATERIALS tab.


If you’ll be submitting the same course materials for a number of sections within one course, you can merge these together in one section group. By merging sections together you can review materials, make changes, and communicate with instructors for all sections at once, instead of one section at a time.

To merge sections into one group, click on MERGE OR SPLIT SECTIONS. By default you will land on the MERGE SECTIONS tab.


In the window that appears, check all sections you’d like to merge.


You’ll see the proposed new section group under POST-MERGE SECTION GROUPS.


Confirm what materials you’d like included in the new section group, add a note if you’d like (recorded in Messages & Activity), and then click MERGE AND CLOSE.


You can split merged sections into separate adoptions if they will use different course materials. To split, click MERGE OR SPLIT SECTIONS. In the window that appears, select the SPLIT SECTIONS tab.


Next, select the sections you’d like to split.


You can review the revised list of sections in the POST-SPLIT SECTION GROUPS column before clicking SPLIT AND CLOSE.


Once you have split the sections, make sure to review selected course materials for each section and adjust as needed.

Assigning Instructors to a Course

You can assign a new instructor or remove an old one from a section, section group, or course. In the Collect interface, we call instructors “submitters” as they are typically the ones submitting adoptions. Assigning a submitter also assigns the submitter’s email address to the section or course so you can email them as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: When looking at a course’s sections, you may see an instructor’s name displayed with the section number. This does not necessarily mean this instructor has been added as a submitter to the course; this is just a display name to help you identify the right section. Remember, there’s an easy way to view all courses without submitters attached by using the Sections w/o Submitter filter.  Continue reading to learn how to view this on the section level and how to add submitters where necessary.

To view the instructors currently assigned to a section, click on the section name.


In the EDIT SECTION window, select CURRENT USERS.


Instructors will have the designation SECTION LEVEL SUBMITTER. You will also be able to see who is responsible for reviewing this course (including yourself), and who is in charge of approval.


If you need to remove an instructor, you can do so by hovering over their name in the list and choosing either REMOVE FROM THIS SECTION or REMOVE FROM SECTION GROUP.


If you’d like to add an instructor, click on the ADD USERS tab and search for the name of the instructor you’d like to assign.


Find the correct instructor in the results, hover over their name, and check the NOTIFY USER checkbox if you’d like to notify the instructor of their new assignment. Then add them to either THIS SECTION ONLY or ALL SECTIONS IN GROUP.


Submitting an Adoption for an Instructor

As a Reviewer, you don’t have to wait for an instructor to submit an adoption. Whatever the situation - adjunct professors who aren’t allowed, staff sections that haven’t been assigned, etc. - you can do it yourself.

Open up the COURSE MANAGEMENT page by selecting a course on the COURSES page.


If the section doesn't require course materials you can click the MARK REVIEWED button to confirm there is no text required for the course.


The STATUS CHANGE window will open where you can enter or edit the estimated enrollment per section, and/or leave a note for other collaborators.  When you’re ready, click COMPETE STATUS CHANGE.


If the instructor will be using course materials, you can add those to the adoption in two places: PAST MATERIALS and ADD MATERIALS.


The PAST MATERIALS tab will list materials used in previous terms. You’ll immediately see the course materials from the last time the course was taught.


If there were multiple sections of the course offered previously, you can select different sections (or terms) from the dropdown.


When you find the book you want, click ADD TO ADOPTION.


A window will appear. Be sure to select the requirement status and answer the questions before confirming the addition by clicking "Add to Adoption."


Alternatively, you can view newer or more affordable editions of a previously adopted title by clicking on the Alternatives badge. Note: This badge only appears if there are newer or more affordable editions available.


Add an alternative by selecting the option you want, then clicking the ADD BOOK button.


To add new materials, use the search bar on the ADD MATERIALS tab. Enter a title, author or ISBN to find the book you want and select it from the results by clicking ADD TO ADOPTION.


If you can't find the book you want, click ADD A BOOK MANUALLY and enter as much information about the title as you can. ISBN, Title and Author are required.


You can also add a supply, Open Educational Resource, and/or coursepack on this tab.



After you add new materials, you can return to the SELECTED MATERIALS tab to view or remove items.


If you have questions for the bookstore, you can email them from within Collect. Once completed, you can mark the section group as reviewed. More on both of these below.

Sending a Message to Course Collaborators

The COURSE MANAGEMENT page for each course has a place to send messages to collaborators: any instructor, department admin, or bookstore staff member who may be attached to the course.

Click into the POST OR SEND A MESSAGE box to compose a new message.


By default, your message will post to the course without emailing collaborators. If you’d like to email this message to collaborators, select which user types to email before you click POST.Screenshot_2023-01-18_at_1.03.10_PM.png

All messages and replies will be recorded in the MESSAGES & ACTIVITY tab. You will see a count of the messages associated with the adoption.


Within the tab, you can click MESSAGES to filter out other activity.


If you’d like to reply to a collaborator’s message, write your response and click SEND.

All replies will be grouped with the original message.


Reviewing a Submitted Adoption

If an instructor has submitted an adoption, it is ready for review and can be found on the Courses page using the filter SUBMITTED SECTIONS. For more on how to filter on the Courses page, view Finding the Right Courses above.

Click on a course to enter the Course Management page.


First select a section, or group of sections, on the left. Any materials that have already been submitted will appear on the SELECTED MATERIALS tab to the right.


You can review book information (title, author, ISBN, edition, etc.) as well as the requirement status of the items and the questions listed below the requirement. If you need to remove an item, you can do that here too.


If you need to add an item, you can add materials using the PAST MATERIALS and/or ADD MATERIALS tabs. More information can be found in the Submitting an Adoption for an Instructor section above.

Once your adoption looks correct, you can select the MARK REVIEWED button. This will send the confirmed adoption to the bookstore for approval

If you have more adoptions to review, click NEXT COURSE IN LIST to move on to the next adoption. To return to the COURSES page, click BACK TO COURSES.


Printing and Exporting Adoptions

You can find a print friendly version of an adoption by clicking the ACTIONS button for that course, then selecting PRINT ADOPTIONS.



You can also find this print friendly version of an adoption on the Course Management page by clicking COURSE ACTIONS then PRINT ADOPTIONS.

Export Adoption Information: If you’re interested in seeing a report of all adoption information for a set of courses, you can export course data as an Excel file.

Start by filtering down to whatever courses you’d like information for. Next, click on COURSE ACTIONS and choose EXPORT FILTERED SECTIONS from the list.


A .zip file will be emailed to you. Unzip the file and a folder will be created containing 4 files, including a .csv with book and adoption information

Need Help?

If you ever have trouble reviewing your adoptions, click the CONTACT US button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open an email addressed to the person(s) in charge of your campus adoptions.


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