Explore: Edit Title Terms

Editing the Titles in an Adoption can be done in a batches.

You will only need to enter values for items that need to change.  For example, If you are only making a change to the Concurrent User Limit or Borrow Duration, you may leave the Expiration Date field blank.  Any previous value will still be valid.

  • Select an Institution from the Institution page.

  • Click Content.

  • Select Add / Edit Content.


Edit Content

  • Provider: Select the applicable content provider

  • Enter Content: Type or copy & paste your list of subscription and/or individual asset VBID’s that need edits, one per line. Limited to 2500 VBIDs.

  • Click Next.


Edit Item Terms

Next, from your list of VBIDs, Explore will identify any existing active or expired items that were in your list. Update the terms as necessary.

  • Expiration Date: The last date that the institution has access to the Title or Subscription.

  • Concurrent User Limit: The maximum number of concurrent active licenses for the Title or Subscription. (The maximum number of users that can access the content at one time)

  • Borrow Duration: License length. This is the length of time that a user will have access to the Title or Subscription.

    • Unit: Choose the duration limit from hours, days, or years. Minimum is one hour, maximum is 5 years.

  • Click Next.


  • Review the list of content for validity.

  • (Optional) Add more content by selecting Add/Edit More. (This is what you would click if you needed to add another batch of content with different terms. See Pro-Tip above)

  • If the list is final, select Review and Complete.


Finalize the Offer

  • Purchase Order Number: (Optional) Enter a PO Number.

  • Price for Transaction: Enter a price for the transaction.

  • Currency: Select the appropriate Currency.

  • Click Complete


Upon completion, you will see a transaction confirmation notification with a transaction number. This transaction will be stored at the institution level in Explore.


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