Growth Analytics

The Growth Analytics tab is visible on the dashboard in Connect. This tab includes 6 new views into how your institution’s Inclusive Access (IA) or Equitable Access (EA) program is currently performing that can be easily viewed and exported right from within Connect.


Growth Analytics is still considered a BETA release. Releasing new features under a BETA label means that we can offer new features faster to customers, and collect their feedback to be incorporated into future iterations. Because we’re still iterating, users should be aware that some functionality may not work as expected. Details on what you and your customers can expect to see are below:

  • We are using embedded iframes, which may cause issue with some browsers. The best experience will be in Google Chrome.

  • You may see slowness at times with certain charts – we’re working on improving this.


Saturation is the measure of how much of a school’s campus course materials run through the IA or EA program. We are tracking it over time by half-year. This metric tracks active program licenses divided by total available course material units.

In a successful IA or EA Program, we’d expect to see the Saturation increase year over year until full saturation is reached.


Program Value

Program Value is the total value of student charges issued through your program tracked over time by half-year. Program Value is calculated as the sum of all student charges from licenses that students will actually pay for, which excludes continuation, opt-outs, deactivations, and drops.

In a successful IA or EA Program, we’d expect to see the Program Value increase year over year.


Active Licenses

Active Licenses is the total number of active licenses for which student charges will be issued, over time by half year. These counts will exclude opt-outs, drops, and continuation students.

In a successful IA or EA Program, we’d expect to see the count of active licenses increase year over year as saturation increases.


Program Margin

Program Margin defines how much revenue your program yielded for your store/campus, over time by half year. Margin is calculated by subtracting the sum of the estimated revenue for all active licenses from the sum of all student charges.


Student Savings

We calculate Student Savings as the delta between Student Price in Connect vs. the Digital List Price for the same item. Savings vs. print would likely be even larger, but we prefer the more conservative and accurate digital comparison.


Content Type Breakdown

The share of licenses by content type (Courseware, Etext, Bundle, and Print in EA) over time. As programs grow, we often see Etexts becoming a larger share of your program.


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