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Bookshelf CoachMe® General Audience FAQ

What is Bookshelf CoachMe?

Bookshelf CoachMe is a new power feature within Bookshelf® that provides students with a free study coach, including practice questions and knowledge checks, right from within Bookshelf.

Is Bookshelf CoachMe available with all Bookshelf titles?

Bookshelf CoachMe is available within thousands of Bookshelf titles.

Where can I find Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions?

You can find Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions in the margins of the etext and knowledge checks at the end of the chapter.

How are the Bookshelf CoachMe questions created?

Bookshelf CoachMe questions are created directly from the textbook, using VitalSource's artificial technology by reading the textbook, picking out important content, and creating simple study questions to help students retain what they have just read.

What does it cost?

Nothing! That’s right, it’s free. Bookshelf CoachMe represents a real opportunity to help more students be measurably more successful in their learning without adding cost.

How is Bookshelf CoachMe different than a regular Bookshelf etext?

In a Bookshelf etext that has Bookshelf CoachMe, students take practice questions throughout the chapter. The practice questions are found within the margins and at the end of each chapter. As students answer the practice questions, they get immediate feedback helping them see what they know and where they need to focus.

Where do the Bookshelf CoachMe questions come from?

The Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions and end-of-chapter knowledge checks have been created by VitalSource and are part of the Bookshelf learning platform.

Is Bookshelf CoachMe a test or quiz?

Bookshelf CoachMe is not a test or a quiz. In fact, Bookshelf CoachMe provides students with a low-stakes, confidence-boosting study experience. Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions aren’t graded, so students see what they know and where to focus.

Can questions be added? Edited? Deleted?

Student performance data on questions are continuously monitored using item response theory, with poorly performing questions automatically removed and replaced with better items—with no manual work required.

What is Learn-by-Doing?

Learn-by-Doing, or the Doer Effect, is a learning science principle that proves that practice has about six times the effect on learning than reading. By answering Bookshelf CoachMe practice questions, you quickly see what you already know, so you focus on what you need to learn.References:Koedinger, K., McLaughlin, E., Jia, J., & Bier, N. (2016). Is the doer effect a causal relationship? How can we tell and why it's important. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge, pp. 388–397. Campenhout, R., Johnson, B. G., & Olsen, J. A. (2021). The doer effect: Replicating findings that doing causes learning. Proceedings of eLmL 2021, The Thirteenth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning, LECILA: Learning Engineering: Courseware Instrumentation and Learning Analytics, pp. 1-6., M., Meyer, O., & Thille, C. (2008). The Open Learning Initiative: Measuring theEffectiveness of the OLI Statistics Course in Accelerating Student Learning. Journal of Interactive Media in Education.

What different types of questions are available in Bookshelf CoachMe?

There are several types available, including fill-in-the-blank, matching, free response, and multiple-choice questions available.

What if I have an issue with a question? Who do I contact?

All questions regarding Bookshelf CoachMe should be sent directly to VitalSource. You can flag a problematic question easily from within Bookshelf.

Are answers to Bookshelf CoachMe questions provided?

The only way for students to see the correct response to a Bookshelf CoachMe practice question or knowledge check is for them to answer the question and see if they got the correct response.

What analytics are available with Bookshelf CoachMe?

Analytics and reporting are part of the value of Bookshelf CoachMe. Both formative and summative practice data is collected and available in custom reports, Caliper data feeds, or via the Instructor Dashboard.

Is training needed for Bookshelf CoachMe?

It’s the Bookshelf you know and love, so it is business as usual. There is no training or setup needed.


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