Blackboard LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3 Upgrade

If your LMS currently has the Barnes & Noble Education Course Materials LTI 1.1 tool configured, the steps below will guide you through the process of upgrading the existing 1.1 tool to a 1.3 configuration. Once this process is complete, the existing LTI 1.1 Course Materials link will be automatically updated to an LTI 1.3 link.

Navigate to System Admin LTI Tool Providers Register LTI 1.3 Tool Providers

  1. Click Register new LTI 1.3 tool
  2. Enter the Client ID provided by your BNC implementation contact and click Submit.
  3. A message prompt will appear asking if you wish to Migrate from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3.
    • Click OK
    • Fields will auto-populate with the existing LTI 1.1 information
  4. Confirm fields and click Submit
  5. Provide the Deployment ID to your BNC implementation contact in a one-time secret link to complete the setup.

Course-Level Setup: Course Materials (Classic View)

Once installed, the Course Materials link will be available in each course from the “Tools” or “Course Tools” (Ultra experience) menu. We recommend that the Blackboard administrator, instructional designer, or instructor set the link up in the course menu for more direct student access.

  1. Navigate to the desired course.
  2. Click the + sign in the left-hand navigation.
  3. Select Tool Link from the drop-down options.
  4. For Name, type BNC Course Materials.
  5. Next, click the drop-down next to Type and select BNC Course Materials.
  6. Check the box for Available to Users.
  7. Click Submit.

Course-Level Setup: Course Materials (Ultra View)

  1. Navigate to the desired course.
  2. Under Books & Tools in the left-hand navigation, click “View course & institution tools”
  3. Locate the BNC Course Materials tool and click the + sign.
  4. This will add a link to your Course Content area.
  5. The link will be hidden from students by default. Click the eye icon to make the link available to students.

API Setup

To complete the Blackboard API Integration - Roster Exchange Setup, follow this link:

Blackboard Merges + Cross-listing Mapping

To communicate any merged or cross-listed courses, please use the template found on our Blackboard Merges + Cross-listing Mapping Template page. 


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