Adopted ISBNs in Collect

Adopted ISBNs in Collect

We’re excited to announce Adopted ISBNs in Collect! With Adopted ISBNs, bookstores can explicitly set the ISBN they’d like to use to identify a course material at the adoption level.

How to view, add, and edit an Adopted ISBN

By default, the Adopted ISBN field will be blank. That said if you search for materials using a valid 13-digit ISBN and adopt one of the search results, the Adopted ISBN will automatically set to the ISBN used in the search.

On the course detail page, each adoption will show an Adopted ISBN right above the print ISBN (see screenshot). You can click on the pencil icon to edit the Adopted ISBN at any time.


Adopted ISBNs are also visible and editable (via the pencil icon) on the items page. In this view, you can also easily edit Adopted ISBNs for specific course sections - note that in the screenshot below, the second section group has an Adopted ISBN while the others do not.


If you exported the term in the above screenshot, you’d see this item listed twice: 1) once with its print ISBN, and 2) once with the Adopted ISBN. Information like total enrollment will correspond to the sections with the ISBN specified in that row.

Additional Information about Adopted ISBNs:

  • An adopted ISBN does not have to be an actual ISBN and can be up to 40 characters long

  • This is a new field, and it will be blank for all your existing adoptions

  • When an adoption has an Adopted ISBN, the Adopted ISBN will be used in exported spreadsheets and it pushes to your RMS instead of the book’s print ISBN

  • Bookstore staff can add or edit the Adopted ISBN on an adoption at any time

  • Adopted ISBNs are not visible in the faculty view

  • By default, the Adopted ISBN is blank

  • If the same material is used in multiple courses/sections, the Adopted ISBN can vary between sections

    • For example, a book may need a school-specific Adopted ISBN in IA sections, while the Adopted ISBN may be blank in other sections where a print book will be used

    • When Adopted ISBNs differ between different sections that use the same item, you’ll see separate rows for each Adopted ISBN in your items export

  • Adopted ISBN will be set automatically in two scenarios:

    • If you copy a previous adoption and that previous adoption had an Adopted ISBN, that will be assigned as the Adopted ISBN on your new adoption

    • If you search using a valid 13-digit ISBN and adopt one of the search results, the Adopted ISBN will be set to the ISBN you searched for

      • This also happens in the faculty view, even though the Adopted ISBN will not be visible there

      • Searching by title or author, for example, will not result in an Adopted ISBN being set automatically

If you have any questions concerning Adopted ISBNs, please don’t hesitate to contact us via

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