Prepare to Launch an Integrated Fulfillment Solution in Bookshelf

Prepare to Launch an Integrated Fulfillment Solution in Bookshelf

Prospective publishers can refer to the timeline below to estimate the time needed to prepare to launch an integrated fulfillment solution into Bookshelf.

Please note, the Account Executive (AE) will remain your primary point of contact until the Onboarding Manager takes over. After onboarding is complete (4-6 weeks), you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will handle additional training.

Continue reading to learn more about the different components of the timeline: 


Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Involved Personnel: Customer Procurement, Customer Legal (optional) VitalSource Account Executive, VitalSource Legal (optional) 

Publishers work with their assigned Account Executive (AE) to create a fully executed VitalSource agreement. Please work with your AE to discuss readiness and terms. This process normally takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the nature of the redlines. 

Post-contract, you will be introduced to an Onboarding Manager as a temporary contract. 


Timeline: ~1 week

Involved Personnel: Customer Publishing/Operations, VitalSource Onboarding Manager, VitalSource AE (optional)

You may work with your AE to test content prior to contract. After a contract is signed, the customer will be assigned a dedicated Onboarding Manager for training on how to ingest content via Upload, our self-service tool, API, or third party. 

It typically takes less than a week maximum to be fully trained on content ingestion and typically 24 hours or less that ingest the content itself.  



  • ~ 2 weeks for LTI standard integrations 
  • ~ 4-6 weeks for alternative integration options (API, SAML, etc.) 
Involved Personnel: Customer LMS Admin or IT Team, Customer Project Manager/Operations, VitalSource AE, VitalSource Onboarding and/or Integrations Manager 
You will work with your AE to determine the best content distribution options and you will work with either your Onboarding Manger or Integrations Manager on technical credentials and recommendations.  
While it is possible to begin testing your integration path prior to the contract being fully executed, we recommend waiting until the contract is final before providing testing access.  
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