Publisher Options for Branded Bookshelf® Accounts

Publisher Options for Branded Bookshelf® Accounts

VitalSource offers Bookshelf customers the option to use Branded Bookshelf Accounts. This means they are able to design a branded site or simply set up one of the Bookshelf login options below. 

There are three login options available for customers interested in creating a Branded Bookshelf Account. They are:

Full Forced Bookshelf Account: 

VitalSource recommends this option due to its security and ease of use. 


  • Requires User Name, Email, and Password
  • Easy to Support due to PII
  • Easiest path into Offline Apps: Users can bookmark the Bookshelf URL and sign in directly without SSOing into content every time
  • VitalSource branded URL:


  • Additional Sign In/Log In Page in SSO Experience

bookshelf band 1.png


Reference User Only Account:


  • Only identified by reference ID via SSO integration
  • User doesn't encounter the Sign In/Log In Page but instead navigates directly into content
  • VitalSource branded URL:


  • Harder to support due to a lack of PII
  • User can only access content via Publisher SSO
  • Users are able to SSO into Offline apps via QR code, but cannot log into those directly

Note: In this scenario, users don't see a Bookshelf login page but are taken directly into the Bookshelf asset.

Hybrid/User Choice:

  • Users can choose to enter their email address on Sign In/Login page OR continue without an account
  • If users continue without an account and continue into Bookshelf as a reference user, they can choose to complete a full Bookshelf account later
  • VitalSource-branded URL: 

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