Operational Reports

VitalSource has conducted studies in partnership with our institutions to advise on best data practices. Our suite of operational reports are specifically designed to facilitate easy access for you to see how your institution is interacting with digital content. Using these reports, you’ll be able to see code activity from the last week, or even the last several years, in a matter of seconds.



Our reporting is designed to meet the needs of all of our customer types. Whether you’re with an institution looking to review sales from last term or a publisher interested in seeing how your content is being distributed across channels, we have a report for that.


Key Features

See code detail, codes by distributor, codes by product, or codes by supplier to get a complete view of how your organization is consuming or distributing digital materials.

How to Access

Reports are accessible via the Analytics link in Manage or by visiting analytics.vitalsource.com directly using your Manage credentials. Depending on your role within your organization, you’ll be able to access sampling reports, financial reports, operational reports, and even engagement reporting. Reports are organized by category within the Operational menu.

Integration with VitalSource Product Suite

Bookshelf codes created by VitalSource’s Manage platform are reportable through the Analytics site. Virtually all of your interaction with the VitalSource product ecosystem can be reported on through Operational Reports.

Training and Support

Your Customer Success Manager will be happy to help you find the report that is right for your analysis needs. Customer Success will help you navigate the platform as well as teach you best practices for reporting on your program.

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