Uncover the Benefits of LMS Rostering

Transitioning to an Inclusive Access model, where all students get access to required learning materials on day one, is about more than reducing costs for students. Day-one digital access offers:

  • A simpler and better course materials experience for students and instructors
  • Access to powerful student engagement analytics for instructors and administrators
  • A reduced workload for campus technology

Making the most of your investment is easy. Simply provide VitalSource with your LMS roster and we’ll take care of the rest. By taking full advantage of your investment in day-one access, your institution will:

  • Reduce the need to manually add links into individual courses, freeing up weeks of work for your campus LMS team
  • Decrease support inquiries from students and instructors around course materials access via the LMS
  • Ensure that 100% of students are licensed the correct learning materials before day one of courses
  • Guarantee the best online and offline experience using VitalSource’s industry-leading tools
  • Provide day-one access to students via every delivery method, including online, offline, and native apps on the first day of class

VitalSource is committed to providing students and instructors with the best possible teaching and learning experience while maintaining the highest standards in user data privacy. Today, we integrate with your campus student information system (SIS) to facilitate charging student accounts for course content, and we have completed all security verifications required to access student information.

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