Setting up your Clever Integration with VitalSource

What is Clever Integration?

Setting up your Clever Integration with VitalSource

The Clever Onboarding process begins when a school notifies VitalSource that they want to use Clever as their method of integrating with VitalSource and accessing content.

Once VitalSource has your information, your Onboarding manager sends you an email invitation to start sharing your data.

Next, you will want to log in and set up sharing.

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Email Invitation:

Your invitation will read: Welcome to VitalSource! My name is ________, your Customer Success Manager. You can begin sharing your data in Clever. Please share only the courses that need textbooks paired.

You will need to provide us with the Clever Course ID and the textbook VBIDs that need to be paired with those courses. If you have any Clever Support questions you may reach them at Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me directly at (your csm)

Thank You!

Sharing Data in Clever

Clever has a team dedicated to onboarding new districts and they encourage you to reach out so they can walk you through the set-up and sync process. You can reach them at

Let them know you are working with VitalSource and provide the following information:

  • District name

  • Contact name

  • Contact role

  • Contact email

  • Contact phone (if available)Adding Apps to Clever

By managing your communication directly through Clever Support you have the following benefits:

  • Prompt responses: Receive a response within 24 hours

  • Question tracking

  • Quick resolution to issues

VitalSource Clever Contact: 

Steve Lydon is the VST Account Manager at Clever.


Feedback or questions about billing, district-sharing rules, account information, etc. will be managed through this email address. 


Additional Resources:

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