Verba Connect Users and Features

A digital discovery and management tool for Inclusive Access programs.


Digital program managers (also known as textbook managers) use Connect to explore viable candidates for Inclusive Access and manage their programs, while students use the Verba Connect Portal to manage participation status.

Key Features

  • Automatic matching of adoptions lists to the VitalSource catalog to provide workflows for digital program managers to easily negotiate market competitive pricing directly with publishers and activate items for Inclusive Access (IA) courses.
  • Email communication tools to keep students in the loop about their participation in the program across a number of filters and timelines.
  • Dedicated student “customer service” page for bookstores to help better serve students.
  • Consolidated, flexible billing and invoicing—stores pay one invoice for all IA content.
  • Tracking all necessary student census, opt out, and item and section information for easy student charging and reporting to publishers.
  • Dashboard highlighting KPIs about the overall health of the program.

How to Access

Verba Connect is accessible to digital program managers at Access requires a username and password. Your Customer Success Manager will set this up for the relevant members of your campus implementation team.

Integration with VitalSource Product Suite

Verba Connect pulls in the VitalSource catalog so administrators can easily locate and activate digital materials at the right price. Once items are activated for their given courses, Customer Success Managers will help campus IT link up digital resources within their learning management system using our LTI integrations for day-one access.

Training and Support

Unlimited training and support for Connect administrators is available weekdays from the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm PT. Emergency and after hours support is also available.

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