Verba Collect Users and Features

Verba Collect is an online adoptions tool that integrates with bookstore back-office systems to increase the speed and efficiency by which adoptions are gathered from professors and department coordinators.


Professors, department coordinators, and adoptions managers (typically bookstore staff or provost offices) use Verba Collect to submit and finalize adoptions for all courses at an institution.

Key Features

Simplified instructor experience including pre-populated course assignments, easy-to-adopt past adoptions, and smart book search.

Affordability scores and alternates badges help professors and department coordinators adopt the best version of a title for their students.

Robust communication tools within Verba Collect help adoptions managers coordinate adoptions information in an organized way.

Integration with almost all point of sale systems in the independent bookstore channel to easily send data back and forth.

How to Access

Verba Collect sends out customized emails to professors and department coordinators with a unique link that logs them into the professor walkthrough without any need for a username or password. Collect is accessed by adoptions managers via customized URLs that are specific to the institution.

Integration with VitalSource Product Suite

Verba Collect sends adoptions back to the bookstore back-office system, which then communicates to the Verba Compare, Compete, and Connect tools. 

Training and Support

Unlimited training and support for adoptions managers is available weekdays from the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PT. Department coordinators will be trained during the onboarding process, while professors will be trained by adoptions managers once they are trained themselves.

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