The VitalSource engagement data feeds are based on the IMS Caliper standard and provide data from student interactions with their course materials. Data collected from the feeds can be used for powerful predictive analysis to better understand how student behavior can predict success and drive outcomes.


Institutional leaders can utilize the information gleaned from the feeds to customize student portals, deliver interventions based on recent behavior, power research projects, or simply see if students have completed a reading assignment before class.

Key Features

  • Data is delivered in IMS Caliper 1.1 formatting
  • Data can be extracted in near real-time or periodic pickup
  • Data can be combined with data collected from other campus-wide analytics platforms for a holistic approach to student engagement and behavior

How to Access

Data can be accessed through the VitalSource platform and on a Google Cloud Storage bucket. The direct URL is Talk to your Customer Success Manager about the best solution for your campus.

Integration with VitalSource Product Suite

The data feeds are deeply integrated with Bookshelf, our world-leading digital content platform. Bookshelf powers the dashboards where the feeds are located. All activity that happens inside Bookshelf is recorded and stored.

Training and Support

Your customer success manager will provide you with details on engagement data feeds based on the solution that best fits your campus.

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