Explore Packages and Subscriptions

VitalSource provides flexibility in how you choose to deliver content. Packages and Subscriptions each offer specific benefits for both Providers and End-users. Below are the specific benefits for each option.


Packages remain an ideal method for delivering smaller collections of content to a more targeted and specialized audience:

  • Smaller program specific collections of content
  • Distributable through various channels
  • Publisher controlled pricing and licensing

Example of a Bookshelf account utilizing packages:

Image of Bookshelf homepage with My Books section.


Subscriptions provide the ability to deliver large and diverse collections of content to an end user. Through machine learning, VitalSource can make meaningful recommendations based on a users previous activity and the contents of their subscription.

  • Enables discovery beyond assigned or required content
  • Minimizes risk and stretch value though a portfolio effect
  • Personalizes the experience for each user based on their activity
  • Empowers predictable and deferred revenue models

Example of a Bookshelf account with a subscription:

Image of Bookshelf homepage with Must Read. See what's trending, Top picks for you, and Trending sections.


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