In order for an institution to purchase a collection, you first need to create an Offer. 

  1. From within any collection, click Create Offer button at the top of the screen. You will be taken through a number of steps to complete.


  1. Choose the Type of offer. Currently, Make Offers to An Institution is the only option available.  Click Next.
  2. Select the institution(s) you want to send this collection offer to. Click Next.
  3. Complete the offer details.
    • Offer Information
      • Name - This is the name you are giving this offer. For example, Spring
        Semester 2020.
      • Type - Choose whether this is a Trial offer or full Subscription. Trials are
        not renewable.
      • Availability - This is the time frame in which your offer will be available for
        institutions to purchase. You can choose to only offer a month window of
        opportunity, or let it be available forever.
    • Subscription Information
      • Price & Currency - Set the price the institution will be paying for the collection and in whichever currency you would like them to pay. If you want something to be free, just input 0.00.
      • Duration - This is the length of time the collection will be available after the institution purchases it. If you want them to have content for a year,
        select 1 year. If you want content to expire on a specific date, select the
        Expire option from the Unit menu and enter a date.
      • Concurrent User Limit - This option allows you to set a copy limit on titles within the collection. By default, there will be unlimited titles for learners to check out. If you deselect, you can enter in a global copy number for all titles within the collection. Note: setting a Concurrent User Limit to a specific number will allow users to return titles.
    • User Information
      • Borrow Duration - This is the amount of time learners will have an active
        title on their license. When the duration time has been reached, the title will be removed from their Bookshelf account, and depending on other options set, they will either be able to borrow that title again, or it will show as expired.
      • Borrow Limit (Credits) - By setting a borrow limit, you are limiting the amount of titles a learner can borrow. By default, a learner can borrow unlimited titles. When a learner reaches their limit, all other titles will be labeled as unavailable.
  4. After filling out all offer information, click Create. This creates an offer that the institution will see available to purchase.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Review your complete offer in the Summary section. When satisfied, click Send Offer. Your offer will now be available (depending on your offer availability start date) for an institution to purchase.


Be sure to email the institution that an offer is available for them. Explore does not send automated emails to Offer recipients.



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